Apprise Audit

The objective of the Apprise Audit app is to empower workers to have their voices heard during social audits, thereby increasing the chances of identifying possible exploitation through a standardised process.

The app is straightforward and relatively simple to use. During an audit:
– The auditor logs in on the app on a device(s) and chooses a questionnaire.
– Selected workers take the interview autonomously, leaving the auditor the time to carry on with other parts of the audit.
– Workers can listen to audio yes/no questions in their own language by selecting a flag representing their country, and provide answers.
– All the responses are logged and tabulated against forced labor vulnerability indicators. A summary – as well as a detailed report – is displayed at the end of the interviews for the auditor to act on.

Being able to collect multiple workers’ feedback in a timely and cost-effective way gives auditors access to a more representative sample than one-to-one interviews. The privacy and confidentiality offered by the app encourages workers to indicate issues – especially migrants, who are often excluded from the process because they don’t speak the country’s language. The app highlights potential red flags in a consistent way, eliminating the need for personal judgment or interpretation. This will increase the chances of prompt follow-up action by brands towards suppliers, including corrective action plans and remediation/compensation where applicable, aimed at improving labour conditions. Finally, the data stored in the company’s server can be easily analysed and compared – for example, between competing factories or between audits conducted in the same factory over a certain period, helping brands identify trends and make more informed sourcing decisions.

Apprise Audit has been developed by Mekong Club & the United Nations University Institute on Computing and Society. To use the app, please contact [email protected]

This software is released under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike-IGO License (

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