AuditList Site Audit Checklist

AuditList is an audit check list app to create and manage site audits.

Run audits digitally
Run your audits right from your mobile phones or tablets. You can process each item in the list one at a time of in a check list format. It provides a simple YES/NO button to record your observation. It lets you enrich you data with photos taken on the spot using the mobile camera. You can scan QR code, add custom comments or even structured data to your audit.

The app lets you create and manage multiple audit templates right from your mobile. Audit templates are a check list of questions that your want to present to the auditor. The questions can be organised in sections and sub-sections. There are various customisation options available for enabling photo, QR, comments or data for each question.

The reporting tool provides the outcome of the audit in a list format.

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