Financial Auditing

Simple easy handy key notes for financial auditing professionals & students.This app contain resources,course syllabus,study materials for students,regulators, investors, business professionals,chartered accountants.It almost cover all important topics of financial account auditing which are given below :

Unit – 1. Introduction

Definition, Scope, Objectives of Auditing
Generally accepted auditing practices
Internal check
Internal Audit
Internal control
Interface between Internal Auditor and Statutory Auditor

Unit – 2. Vouching

Cost transactions and trading transactions
Audit of ledger
Verification and valuation of Assets and liabilities

Unit – 3. Depreciation and Reserves


Unit – 4. Audit of limited companies

Qualification, Appointment, Removal, Remuneration, Powers and Duties
Audit of Financial statements
Divisible profits and dividends

Unit – 5. Investigation

Objects investigation
Legal position and liability of an Auditor
Professional conduct and Ethics

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