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1. Mage – Official Portal Knights Wiki

Mage - Official Portal Knights Wiki

2. Skills – Official Portal Knights Wiki


Unleashes a shout that increases melee damage dealt by 20% for 10 seconds. Strength increases the shout's effectiveness. The shout is so loud that Flying …

3. What spells to even use for a Mage? : portalknights – Reddit

What spells to even use for a Mage? from portalknights

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4. What's up with the Mage spells? :: Portal Knights General …


Aside from the shared cooldowns, they all seem to be designed with a warrior in mind. Poison Rain, Light Bomb, Frost Mine, and Meteor all …

5. Mage | Portal Knights Wiki | Fandom


Talents · Level 2 – Magic Mind – Increases Intelligence by 30% · Level 5 – Stone Eater – Increases the Mining Damage by 15% · Level 5 – Mining Elegance – …

6. Spells – Portal Knights


With the new update you switched the two mage spells fire and thunder, so i have a thunder III spell with a level requirement of 24 and my …

7. Portal Knights Class & Traits Guide – Gamers Heroes


Mage Class. The magical attack user of Portal Knights, the Mage. Using a combination of Wands and Staffs Mages launch powerful spells using …

8. Notizie di Steam – Portal Knights – Classes – Mage


The Mage uses magic wands and staffs to defeat their enemies, as well as having access to a variety of powerful spells. The Mage's primary attribute is …

9. Classes – Gamer Walkthroughs


The Mage Class focus on using spells to defeat their enemies. The weapons of choice are … over the next 3 seconds. Back to the Portal Knights Walkthrough …

10. Portal Knights Mage Spells


13 Jan 2019 – Mage. The Mage Class in Portal Knights uses destructive Spells to defeat his enemies. Using Scythes, Magic Wands or Magic …

11. Mage Class – Portal Knights – Super Cheats


Mage's use destructive spells and have access to various Scythes, Magic Wands and Magic Staffs that they can use to ..

12. Magic meter for warrior and ranger? – Portal Knights


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