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Learn Auditing Tutorial

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This “Auditing Tutorial” is helpful for students to learn Coding step by step from basic to advance level.

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# Auditing Basic Tutorial

Auditing – Introduction
Detection and Prevention of Fraud
Detection and Prevention of Errors

Auditing – Basic Principles
Auditing – Advantages
Auditing – Limitations

Auditing – Classifications
Preparation before an Audit
Auditing – Audit Planning

Auditing – Audit Program
Examples of Audit Program
Modification of Audit Program

Methods of Audit
Duties of Audit Staff

Auditing – Audit Evidence
Auditing – Types of Evidence

Auditing – Audit Techniques
Auditing – Internal Control
Auditing – Internal Check

Internal Check and Auditor
Auditing – Internal Audit
Auditing – Audit Sampling
Auditing – Audit Vouching

Auditing – Mechanized Accounting
Auditing – Trading Transactions
Vouching of Cash Transactions

Auditing – Vouching of Ledger
Auditing – Audit Verification

Depreciation, Reserves & Provision
Auditing – Capital and Revenue
Auditing – Audit of Hospitals

Audit of Educational Institutions
Audit of Charitable Institutions
Audit of Clubs & Theatre

Audit of Sole Proprietary Concern
Audit of Partnership Firms
Auditing – Audit of Doctors

Audit of Electricity Supply Company
Audit of Shipping Company

Audit of Co-Operative Societies
Auditing – Audit of Hotels

Auditing – Management Audit
Auditing – Tax Audit

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