WovVIA – Inspection and Audits

WovVIA Survey brings the best of mobile auditing in your hand. Now you can create surveys, questionnaires, and digitize complete auditing. It has 25+ question types, Thousands of industry templates, and lets you clone & edit surveys, publish audit links, do social sharing, and generate QR code.

You had me at audit automation – WovVTech has heard this before and that’s why we brought this advanced survey app on cloud and now on mobile. With reputation set in stone our clients are upbeat about this online survey, questionnaire app, it has circulation across different industries and those who use it will definitely endorse this trailblazer. This best survey app for business has won the heart of many industry leaders.

Automate Audits through Checklists, Surveys and Inspections from across multiple Industries like Oil and Energy, Banking, Retail, Shopping Centers, Airports and More.

ATM Audit: Signage compliance, tampering compliance, transactions compliance, cleaning checklist and other compliances with this online/offline survey app.

Risk Auditing: Regulatory risk assessments, major policy components checklists, general objective, specific checklists, risk management checklist, internal monitoring & audit and other checklists. Effective digital survey at your fingertips.

Branch Auditing: Monetary instruments checklists, physical security checklists, information security checklists, signage checklists, cash procedures & security checklists and others.

Retail Auditing: Facility opening checklists, security checklists, cleanliness checklists, inventory checklists, quality control, operations checklists and others.

Shopping Centre Auditing: Store checklist and audit, security checklists, environment checklists, onsite staff checklists, and others.

Gas Station, Refineries Auditing: Facility entrance checklists, fire & emergency checklists, accidents & incidents checklists, safety standards checklists, electrical & mechanical checklists, and others.


✔️Create checklists slickly: Ease of doing thing is not a trope, it can be offered only through savvy mindedness and astute empathy. This user-friendly survey app has pre-defined templates to choose from, plus you can make it from scratch easily.

✔️Offline Audits: Do not let lack of internet deter you from being compliant. Conduct your audits in offline mode and sync back your findings when internet is available !

✔️Automatic ticket creation: If anything goes off the mark, this internal inspection app instantly identifies it and raises a ticket making a person responsible for looking into the matter.

✔️Centralized Dashboard: One solution to consolidate different tasks. You won’t have to look for different solutions to fulfil various obligations, it’s a central command to steer your organization on track.

✔️Collaboration: Work together for a complaint workplace with this employee engagement survey app. Share templates and checklists from your mobile to multiple stakeholders.

✔️Flexibility: There is suppleness in our character and that reflects in our work. We make you comfortable with the idea of changing policies – adapt to new policies and change survey questions dynamically, that’s a gift from the best android app for a survey.

✔️Integration: We like everybody and so does our system. It can be easily integrated with other systems on your premise. Interoperability guaranteed, and efficiency is the seed for this offline survey builder app.

✔️Analytics: Recurring issues and non-compliance can no longer take your peace of mind, get insightful analysis of issues before they become a problem and smooth the way for future course of action with this best survey app.

WovVTech ranks amongst Top 20 global SaaS start-ups. We have a global presence, we are present across 3000 locations in 50 countries. We help businesses to increase productivity by digitizing their operations & providing decision-driven analytics.

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